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Bethesda licensed art

"Easily the most beautiful piece of art I've ever owned"  @fallout_temple

Nuka Cola Girl

Our unique ‘Wasteland’ collection of incredible Nuka Cola Girl posters could have been reclaimed from the wasteland or indeed the more pristine examples carried out from the vault. A collection of true original art - once they are gone they are gone! 

500 million years in the making

What are Stone Slab Art Products?

Using our special ‘eco-friendly’ welsh quarried stone aggregates, we have developed many techniques and finishes which give our product a unique and special look. We describe our products as Visual Tactile Art - Art you can touch and feel, that’s what makes our products so special, and a timeless pleasure to own. These hand made slabs are made in the UK and digitally decorated exclusively with various epic images from Bethesda Softworks gaming portfolio.

What is DarkWarehouse?

We have always been enthralled with the world of science fiction and fantasy art. Our love affair with science fiction and fantasy art remained as we developed our own product and style, and we simply took a different path into interior surface decoration and furniture for the domestic and commercial markets. This path led us on journey that has taken us full circle. We now find ourselves involved in designing gaming art with Bethesda on our special stone slabs and are now ‘curators’ of what we fondly call Darkwarehouse.

All of our digitally printed Stone Slab Art Slabs are created from original digital artworks supplied by Bethesda Softworks. Some artworks have been re-imaged and digitally recreated by Darkwarehouse’s own studio artists, with full consent by Bethesda Softworks. 


We aim to bring you the ultimate experience in game art. We are constantly expanding our range of products following our launch in May 2017.

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